A Plump and Perky Turkeyturkey

Written by: Teresa Bateman
Illustrated by: Jeff Shelly

Presentation of the book to the faculty

Student Responses to A Plump and Perky Turkey

Schoolwide images of thankfulness uploaded to flickr

Schoolwide Turkey Ads uploaded to flickr

Ms. Launey's 4th Grade class
- response posters & rap

Ms. Lipsky's 5th Grade class - 6 word retellings

Mrs. Bridges Kindergarten class - retelling

Mrs. Chascin and Mrs. Rice's 3rd grade class wiki - collaborative response to literature

Ms. Russell and Ms. Young's 3rd grade class - rap responses

Ms. Evanko's 2nd grade class - letters from the turkey

Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. Cothern's Kindergarten class - I am thankful...responses

Mrs. Mallon and Mrs. Dillard's First Grade class - Stick Puppet Show

Mrs. Ross and Mrs. McLeod's Second Grade class - Turkey Advertisements