Chets Creek Elementary- Building Momentum Through Book of the Month

Susan T. Phillips, Principal

Book of the Month

is a leadership strategy in which the principal selects an authentic piece of children’s literature for all classes in the school with the purpose of creating a common literacy conversation between students and teachers. In addition, this strategy can be used to connect children’s literature and an adult professional text to drive professional development.

Implementation Strategies

I. Select and purchase a common book for all classrooms.
· Choose timely books that support your philosophy and goals
· Brainstorm possible titles with other principals, leadership team and the media specialist
· Take a day away from school and explore the bookstore for new possibilities.
· Fund your purchases through PTA, SAC or business partners; buy the majority of your books online to save money

II. Teach the book to the faculty
· Present the book at a monthly faculty meeting
· Present the Book of the Month at the same time each month in order to establish a firm ritual and routine
· Provide a detailed, one page point paper to each faculty member summarizing the book, explaining why you chose the book and providing strategies for using the book in the classroom
· Align your presentation with standards and new instructional strategies

III. Showcase the Book of the Month
· Display the Book of the Month outside the principal’s office, at the front counter, and at the entrance of the school
· Make 5 extra copies available for parents to check out the encourage them to purchase the book for their home library
· Encourage teachers to develop Book of the Month bulletin boards and displays showcasing the book along with student work based on the book.
· Share the book each month at PTA and SAC meetings as well as in your school newsletter
*Visit classrooms and ask children about Book of the Month